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Integrity bringeth Unity

I sayeth to the holy ones who desire the highest wisdom and the most glorious priorities for themselves and the world .. Every kingdom .. and each individual .. divided against itself is certainly in despair and disintegration. Those personalities who art brought to this weakness in their integrity .. this disunity and disharmony .. they shall topple over at the first signs of the Father's winds of eternity.Be certainly and at every moment of your day breathing in My Word .. and the Father's Emanation. Be not as the fools of the civilization who pretend while avoiding the Power of unifying grace which hails from the Center and Source of Life.Expand his kingdom by thine honesty and humility .. and ye shall be saved of further desolation; for truly .. every house divided against itself shall not withstand the kingdom of the Father's Life. Each individual who hath not the courage and conviction of faith and trust to enter into their own purifications which bringeth unity and …

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