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Advancement in the Universe

I bring you into the Universal fold which welcomes you with open arms; for My 21st Century entrance into the earth brings connection and collaboration with Infinity.Universe upon all the universes await thine entrance into our culture together. My religious spirituality is unbound by race and country. It unifies and integrates allegiance with the Universal Fatherhood and Motherhood of the One God.Thine association with Me is neither dogmatic nor is it a new religion. You are meant to absorb truth .. to awaken truth .. to afix thine aspirations upon truth. All manifestations associated with the bestowal of My Comforter relationship in you shall accelerate thine unfoldments and advance thine character unto the pure morals of righteousness and reverence. This ‘new teacher' is My Comforter Life surrounding thee, and I shall be received by you as you ask of Me .. inviting Me to participate with you and guide you upwards into all truth .. and this holy reception is accessible for all. A…

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